About Us

40 Years In The Making

Committed to reducing road trauma

We believe that through effective driver education amongst road users of all ages & experience, we can have a positive effect on Australia’s high road trauma rates. With over 1200 Australians dying every year on our roads, this is not a mission we take lightly.

Roadcraft was founded 40 years ago in an effort to address the growing death toll amongst local road users, particularly along the stretch of the Bruce Highway which runs through the town.

Driving a change in perspective

Roadcraft firmly believes that long-lasting, meaningful change requires the participation of government and industry leaders. Our industry longstanding has allowed us to become a well-respected voice of the community in advocating safer driving measures. 

We work to highlight the ways in which we can ensure safer driving for all, and are looked to for guidance in this area by both the Government and fellow non-profit organisations as a model for best practice.

Custom Built Facilities

We provide practical driver training on our custom-built training circuits, while our theoretical course components are taught within the comfort of our modern, air-conditioned classrooms. Our 40-hectare private property, located just south of Gympie, allows us to cater to both licensed and unlicensed individuals in a safe but engaging environment.

Drive in Comfort

For most of our courses, we encourage participants to bring their own car, where possible, so as to learn life-saving techniques within the vehicle they use most often. We also have a fleet of dual-controlled, automatic, modern Roadcraft vehicles. We use these for our Student and Learner Driver Courses, and also our Medical Driver Assessments, or where participants are unable to provide their own vehicle.

Our Team

Our team is the driving force behind Roadcraft and the important work we do. Not only do our Educators obtain the necessary qualifications, but each Educator undergoes a lengthy selection, induction and internal training process. Our management, administration & maintenance staff work hard to not only keep Roadcraft operating at its best but also in creating meaningful change within the greater government & industry environments.