Our Why

40+ years in the making

At Roadcraft, our unwavering commitment to road safety permeates everything we do. Our mission is to reduce road trauma and empower individuals with the necessary knowledge and behaviours to make roads safer. Relying on luck alone is not an option; road trauma is simply unacceptable. That's why our passion for transformation is resolute, and we firmly believe that every road user has a crucial role to play in promoting road safety.

That's why, in addition to providing effective training programs, we strive to influence greater social change by advocating for governmental policy changes that prioritise road safety, collaborating with communities to promote safe driving practices and infrastructure, and empowering individuals to take personal responsibility for their safety and that of others on the road.

What can the individual do?

Participate | Donate | Spread the word

What can the community do?

Participate | Fundraise | Spread the word

What can the government do?

Allow logbook hours | Effect change in school system | Provides funds | Regulate

Reducing Road Trauma | Effective education | Donations | Lobbying
Establishing Strategic Partnerships | Championing safe driving amongst youths

At Roadcraft, our team is committed to driving meaningful change. Our Educators undergo extensive training, while our management, administration, and maintenance staff work hard to keep Roadcraft running at its best and create change in the government and industry environments.