Roadcraft is a not-for-profit organisation, committed to driving the sustainable reduction of road-crash deaths and life-changing injuries on Australian roads, through the armament of road users with effective driver education and training.

At Roadcraft, every minute of every day is dedicated to road safety; we’re committed to ensuring every course participant leaves our facility with complete clarity around what choices to make and what behaviours to act out behind the wheel, to do their bit to make our roads safer.

With over 1200 Australians dying every year on our roads, our mission is not one we take lightly.

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40 hectares of
state-of-the-art facilities


Fleet of on-site,
dual control training cars


Modern, air-conditioned


Life-like practical
training circuits

40+ years of
controlled-environment training

Founded to reduce Bruce
Highway injury & death toll


Focused on theoretical &
practical driver capacity-building


Life-saving techniques for
licensed and unlicensed drivers

We should never accept the injustice of being expected to rely on luck alone to stay safe, and that road trauma is a price to pay for being a road user. Effective education is the key to reducing road trauma and that is what we're so passionate about at Roadcraft. Together, we can make a difference.

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At Roadcraft, we believe it’s the sum of our individual choices and behaviours when behind the wheel that dictates the overall safety of our roads. Our mission centres around catalysing change amongst

three key centres of influence; individuals, communities and the Government. Why? Because road safety is everyone’s problem and everyone needs to be part of the solution.

What can the individual do?

Participate | Donate | Spread the word

What can the community do?

Participate | Fundraise | Spread the word

What can the government do?

Allow logbook hours | Effect change in school system | Provides funds | Regulate

Reducing Road Trauma | Effective education | Donations | Lobbying
Establishing Strategic Partnerships | Championing safe driving amongst youths

Our not-for-profit training facility dedicates every
minute of every day to road safety.

You book

Simply book a course of your choice and you’ll be helping us to raise funds for road safety

We donate

We donate $6 from every booking to our dedicated road safety education & training fund - ’Shift’

Together, we can
save lives

Money raised is used to fund course participation amongst disadvantaged youths and adolescent community groups

Our team is the driving force behind Roadcraft and the important work we do. Not only do our Educators obtain the necessary qualifications, but each Educator undergoes a lengthy selection, induction and internal training process. Our management, administration & maintenance staff work hard to not only keep Roadcraft operating at its best but also in creating meaningful change within the greater government & industry environments.